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I set up an account about a month ago and began working on a project where I could bring more reading into my classroom.  Students need a chance to read something that is interesting and provides a cultural view that they are not familiar with.  Unfortunately, it has been a month and I have only received one donation.  AND…I only have like a month and a half left anyway before my plans are ruined.  

I think could be a great resource for many teachers but only if they have some generous friends.  I see a lot of projects go untouched.  I shared it on Facebook, Twitter, and my account here on Tumblr and I’m not even sure if the one random person that donated was a person who saw it on one of those accounts.  

Anybody have any ideas for how a classroom could find donations to get a small supply of books?

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  2. sharmabl answered: preech students for the Donations and its use..then impress upon to come froward.
  3. monticelloman answered: I had the same issue - lack of donors. Right before my project expired, a corporate sponsor came in and funded my project fully.
  4. askpinkiepegasus answered: LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRARIE! I LIKED IT!!!!
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    BUMP - Please help a fellow Wisconsin educator out!
  6. tbend answered: Goodwill does 50% off every other Saturday. My classroom library got awesome when I found that out.
  7. polarbehrens answered: you might try to write a grant or contact, i know they give books to economically challenged areas
  8. selectivetoxicity answered: It depends what books you’re looking for. Are you looking for picture books? Garage sales are a great place to find children’s books.
  9. lammyjae answered: I think it would be easier if you could ask the local community for used books and that sort of things.
  10. joanasemiaosousa answered: I guess you can make something and sell it for the Fundraising. Cupcakes and biscuits are always an easy option, if the students can bake
  11. ailuridae answered: Post this on the Facebook page. That’s how I got a lot of great tips to get my project funded! :)
  12. whatareyoueventalkingabout answered: Great Books Foundation… heard of it? I suggest you give them a call and see if they can do anything for you..
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