Any good ideas for books my high schoolers can read about culture or living in Africa?

Looking to get some ideas so I can see if our library can order some great books before we get into that unit.

  1. ezcheezy answered: "The River Between" or "The Poisonwood Bible"
  2. straightagay answered: Well Tears of the Desert is a GREAT book, but it does deal with female circumcision, so you might have to feel that out with your students.
  3. rosesring answered: I don’t have any brilliant suggestions for books but the Peace Corps has an outreach program with alums for schools.
  4. maryguerrero answered: My campuas has read or offered Long Way Gone, Poisonwood Bible, and Cry, Beloved Country
  5. lifeteaching8thgrade answered: A Long Way Gone - Ishmael Beah; It’s a great autobiography about a man who went through life as a child soldier.
  6. lavi3enr0se said: Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe!
  7. airingangie answered: Things Fall Apart
  8. goodmorningteachera answered: The Power of One
  9. babsblogs answered: Things Fall Apart is a classic, and shows colonialism from an African’s point of view.
  10. rainandhurricane answered: Things fall apart
  11. ms-h answered: Things Fall Apart is the only one I know
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  13. celestelittle answered: African Fractals by Ron Eglash
  14. iarrthoireolais answered: "A Long Way Gone memoirs of a boy soldier" - Ishmael Beah
  15. volim-stana answered: Have to second The Poisonwood Bible by Kingsolver. Great book.
  16. musicalmayham answered: 'The Book of Negros' or, as it's called in the states 'Someone Knows my Name'.…
  17. kimbydarling answered: The Poisonwood Bible
  18. inthesilences said: A Thousand Sisters by Lisa Shannon
  19. kemptopus answered: Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe
  20. indie-duh answered: well…there’s a book i know about south africa! cry,the beloved country
  21. amys-alpaca-farm answered: Things Fall Apart
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