Great idea for finishing off my class’ Holocaust discussions…

Students will be creating comics or illustrated stories based on people that were chosen to be Righteous Among the Nations (non-Jews that fought against the Holocaust, like Oskar Schindler).  Once finished, I will compile them all in an anthology of PDFs and submit through CreasteSpace so that it will be published to the world through Amazon.  I think it will be a great way to look at those who refused to become bystanders!  What do you think?

  1. rknjl answered: Perhaps you could also talk about the ghetto uprisings to remind students that there were people who refused to be victims, too?
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  4. sharmabl answered: It think it is the best way and idea to express once feelings..
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  6. teachinginthemiddle answered: facing history has some great short pieces on upstanders if you want to use those for your kids7r5
  7. givemesolace answered: This is a great idea for authentic learning and assessing what your students have learned! Great idea!
  8. stabkid answered: awesome idea!
  9. hawkakux answered: Do it! Totally would get me to not just do the minimum for my homework.
  10. wincherella said: Awesome. I’d like to know more about that site.
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