Any ideas for in-class activities when flipping the classroom?

Typically students arrive and we do one of a few things:

- Discuss further in-depth on topics from video notes

- Go over questions they submitted to me

- Have small group discussions

- Work on major projects 

Looking for some more variety for my HS social studies flipped classroom…

  1. getmetta answered: How about letting them remix the video notes and add their ideas and watching & discussing ‘em in class? We’ve the tool:
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  3. egansaves2 answered: Come into class dressed up as one of the famous persons you are teaching them about.
  4. superfluousverbosity answered: I would use the time to have them working on assignments/projects/presentations/readings so that you can confer with individuals.
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  7. katy-mylady answered: role-play historical situations? put historical figures on “trial?” (i remember doing this with hitler and stalin to determine who was worse)
  8. amorsciendi answered: Sometimes instead of questions I have my students create theories for why a certain event happened in a certain place and at a certain time.
  9. givology answered: In HS my teacher showed “popular culture” clips such as SNL or various comedians covering our topic. It prompted great discussions! -Katy
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