How do you deal with students that are openly racist?

…and they won’t stop making terribly offensive remarks…

  1. workcat answered: Always challenge them, try asking group to comment on effect of person’s remarks. In UK its legislated,
  2. roxannewright answered: i would explain it on an emotional level. try to get them to feel empathy for the situation. I would also explain the history behind it.
  3. anonymouseprettyplease answered: Be openly non-racist and don’t stop making accepting, kind remarks.
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  6. estrellaonella answered: you can always do put-them-in-their-shoes kind of activities,depends.. who are you dealing with? kids? youth?
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  8. ace-24 answered: play the blue eye, brown eye game
  9. an-octoplus answered: Give him or her and all others in class of the same race reduced privileges and explain why. Or discriminate on some other trait: gender?
  10. vita-morte answered: Anything that is discriminatory should not be tolerated. However, there should be an attempt to educate them on why they shouldn’t say that.
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    I’ve told students before, “What you just said/did was racist, and I won’t allow that in my room.” They’ve never...
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    I’ve seen a teacher have the student write a sincere apology to the victim of the racism/racist remark, a letter to...
  13. erichnpitcher answered: I set ground rules at the beginning of my classes, remind students that our words can wound, best I can do.
  14. elsonpye answered: if they are american thier is no hope.
  15. nobodysgf answered: i just say “i really hope no one treats you like that .”
  16. evandomingo answered: Be honest and mature, tell them to stop being an asshole. One day they will come to you for help and thats when they will understand.
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    Tell that student to stand up in front of the entire class and tell him/her to:“Get it all out- be as offensive as you’d...
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    Warn them, pull em out for a conference in the hall, parent call, referral. Then parent conference if all that didn’t do...
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  20. teachingtotransform said: Are you talking about white kids saying racist comments?
  21. ichigoli answered: theoretically, i’d like to try to incorperate it into a class discussion, explore WHY they feel that way then make them research their target
  22. teachinginthemiddle answered: not allow it. ask them to leave, explain your reasoning, give meaningful work to try to correct it, repeat.
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    Add “and homophobic” and you have my life in a nut shell…
  24. richyms answered: stop reminding them that there even is a thing such as race we are all equal
  25. adamlorran answered: I am a teacher and I try to clarify this issue. End you?
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  27. freddytheshadowninja answered: Punch them in the throat.
  28. judas-tree-s-flower-is-magent1 answered: Depending to the subject you’re teaching them ,you can search successful people in that area,let’s say “Math” that are for example black
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