Should I discuss female circumcision in Africa with my students?

I’m covering regions of Africa where 99% of the female population has faced this according to the WHO.  These are high school Juniors.

  1. prettythingsandtriflings answered: I say no if you’re just going to be all woah those poor African women with no deeper thought at all. The topic is complicated and not of HS.
  2. simplicityincomplication answered: I’m only a junior in college, so I may be asking this prematurely, but what could be the harm in discussing this global issue?
  3. thegrownuplife answered: YES
  4. bat-meows answered: Yes- it’s important to educate the next generation about the problems they need to fix. They are old enough to handle it.
  5. theextremlyscrayworldofsadako answered: please do
  6. onioninlay answered: Only if it is a relevant topic and connects with whatever else you’re teaching.
  7. vita-morte answered: Of course you should discuss it. Assuming it’s relative to the material. It’s important to know what major events are going on now.
  8. boldtalkzenbehavior said: I feel like that’s more of a college… They need a stronger foundation and an understanding of terminology in gender inequality or else it would just be too graphic and scary …
  9. for-ever-am answered: Of course. I do it every year. Granted, it must be done with extreme tact.
  10. joshpark1 answered: if there’s context for it, yes. be prepared for discussion though
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    I would say yes… but then I would also say no. Not that I wouldn’t bring it up, but it’s also a complicated issue. I...
  12. reejthebeej answered: Yes
  13. yakidragon answered: Yes, you should.
  14. byebyebriar answered: Yes, it’s a big part of African culture for better or for worse and those 16/17 year olds aren’t going to be helped if you hide it from them.
  15. musicalmayham answered: Yes, they’re old enough to learn the truth about the world.
  16. straightagay answered: I would say yes, I learned about it in my Junior year and it went over well.
  17. llfoolj answered: If it’s happening then they deserve to know. No matter how brutal the reality is.
  18. smac1066 answered: Are you prepared for negative parent response?
  19. opusmagistri answered: Are we teaching them to be globally aware and sympathetic to the plight of those less fortunate than themselves? Then yes, you should.
  20. theannotatedbibliography answered: Yes
  21. zebralover9165 answered: yes you should you are doing a good thing to help those
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    Do it. Don’t need to go into detail or emphasize it too much, but if it starts a conversation, let them.
  23. spear-of-longinus answered: U kno the maturity ur class has better than any but I think it’s worthwhile. It’s the little details, the things less spoken, that inspire
  24. sheamusburns answered: What grade? —- but most likely - yes.
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