Using this to begin discussion today about memory in Psych…

My students were given ten minutes to draw me a mural that showed me what they knew about North and South Korea or what they could find in a short amount of research.  The class was split into two teams and I said GO.  Here is what they made!

North is on the left and South is on the right!

Any activity or project ideas for teaching developmental psychology?

There has never been a subject that allows for more random tangents than that of Psychology…

Is there a consciousness? 

Are we all robots?

What is reality?  

Are we in the matrix?

I dreamed about… what does that mean?

I wake up in the middle of the night, what does that mean?

I feel tired, what does that mean?

Do I have insomnia?

The last few I can’t even begin to answer…I’m not a doctor…